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Monday, September 21, 2015 - Tips To Sell!

A warm welcome to you on this cool Monday evening! I hope you had a great weekend.
Today on the PROrealty blog, we are discussing top tips to help sell your property. Some of these are things that I have touched on in previous posts and other ideas are new to this blog. 

1. First impressions matter! The first step is getting buyers into your home. Once you've got them inside, you have 3 minutes to convince them that this is the house they want. 

2. Curb appeal! The first impression of your home is from the outside. "74% of prospective buyers will drive by your property before they even think about viewing it and half of them will do it at night" (Christine Rae, CSP International Staging Academy) I discussed this in the Autumn and Your Home series, however it remains one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to selling properties.
To achieve maximum curb appeal, think lighting and outdoor living amenities. Illuminate the outside of your home and tidy up your front, side and back yards (any decks, patios or balconies deserve the same attention). Yellow is a great colour to incorporate as it is a shade associated with selling. 

3. Lighting! Just as lighting is important outdoors, it is also important inside. Make sure that your fixtures have energy efficient bulbs at the highest wattage that is safe for that location and then clean those fixtures. 

4. Make sure that the condition of your home is good. Buyers will deduct from their offer anything they think is deferred maintenance - including cleaning costs. This means repairing, replacing and cleaning everything and anything you can think of your home. Buyers are looking at your property, not as your old house, but as their new home. 

5. Focus on the kitchen. The kitchen is the most important room in the house. If you can upgrade, then do it. If you can't afford the time or cost of upgrading, then repair and clean. 

6. Focus on the bathrooms once the kitchen is ready to go. Bathrooms (the master bath in particular) are the second most important room in the house. As with the kitchen, upgrade if you can. If upgrading isn't an option for you, repair, clean and focus on bathroom storage. 

7. Check that the bedrooms are all done in neutral colours. Potential buyers have a hard time envisioning a room in a different colour than what's on the wall. 

8. Closets and cupboards! Pack away (or donate) 2/3 of every cupboard and closet in your house. It will make your storage spaces appear bigger and buyers frequently request organized storage space. 

9. Personal touches. Buyers don't want to see your life - they want to imagine themselves in your home. This means placing into storage most of your pictures, certificates, diplomas, medicines,... Our best advice is to visit each room in your house, remember your memories and then cut all emotional ties and pack that sentimentality away. 

10. Finally, pay attention to odors and allergens. Remove your pets, open your windows (weather permitting) and try to eliminate all smells altogether. This isn't always possible, so making your home smell good - like freshly baked bread - is a good alternative. 

There are 10 easy overlooked tips to getting your home sold! Hopefully you find success with them!
Join me back here on Friday when we discuss helping your parents downsize. 

posted in General at Mon, 21 Sep 2015 17:11:42 -0600

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